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Discord: @notghostware_
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If you keep getting errors feel free to contact us, we will get it resolved.

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Do you want to start earning just like us? Contact us using any of the links above. We have multiple programs available starting from reselling to advertising / marketing for us.

Product Guide

Chair = Cheat (Usually has Aimbot, ESP and other miscellaneous features)

Spwoofer = Spoofer (Changes your PCs serials to prevent you from getting PC banned)

AIO - Has a bunch of miscellaneous features that are perfect for sellers.

We also have a “Spwoofer / blocker” for Call of Duty titles, which allows you to temporarily block the anti-cheat from reading your PCs serials.

If you play on console, have a look in our discord for services that we can do for you, or click me