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Account Unban

How This Works

This service completely unbans your account, whether you have appealed to be unbanned or not. It works on all platforms as long as you can provide the details to the account.

• We will require your activision login details and your email login details.
• Your email and password will be changed to a new one.
• This process may take a couple days, depending on availability and the queue.
• This service is not cheap due to how time consuming this service is.


Send your order id in your ticket after purchase

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If you need any help or if you experience any issues please open a ticket in our discord server or take a look at our guide.

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TOS & Refund Policy

Upon purchase you agree to our TOS which includes a no refund policy. If you would like a refund please ask and we will see what we can do.

Leaving bad feedback without us helping or without a valid reason will result in a key deletion and a blacklist from our shop.

19 Apr 2024
purchased an account unban, waiting rn but so far i seen positive things!
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